Steve Phifer - Prefab
Steve Phifer
Executive Vice President
[email protected]

Prefabrication is quickly transforming the construction industry and changing the way we build. This process of constructing components of a building in a controlled environment, then transporting and assembling on the project site offers numerous benefits for owners and trade partners alike. Innovative and efficient, prefabricated construction has been a key focus of Rodgers since 2015, making us one of the first construction management firms to bring the growing technology to the region.

Implementing prefabrication early in the planning phase of a project allows us to capitalize on increased efficiencies, higher quality, reduced overall schedule, and improvements in both safety and sustainability. Prefabrication works with all budgets and can improve schedules due to better preliminary planning and reduced weather delays, making it an affordable and attractive option. Labor resources are maximized with this approach, reducing waste and allowing us to produce greener and more sustainable projects. The controlled environment in which prefabricated construction is done lends itself to workforce development, safer working conditions for our team members and higher quality work, three paramount goals of Rodgers on every project.

We understand that every project is unique, and we carefully consider all options available to develop a project-specific prefabrication plan that will bring unparalleled value to all those involved.