Wake Forest University
North Campus Residence Halls I and II

Project Location

Winston-Salem, NC


Concrete Scope, Concrete Services


Concrete Services

Square Footage

96,000 per building

Wake Forest University North Campus Residence Halls I and II


  • Turnkey concrete subcontracting with materials, equipment, and labor for two residence halls built simultaneously on North Campus


  • 38,000 square feet of slab-on-grade and 154,000 square feet of slab-on-metal deck

  • Both five-story buildings have cast-in-place basements, two cast-in-place elevators, and two cast-in-place stair shafts — for a total of eight shafts

  • 64,000 square feet of vertical formwork, 6,600 cubic yards of concrete, and 300 tons of reinforcing steel

  • EpicoreĀ® structural wall/slab system for the elevated floors, with concrete for the slabs that connect to the cast-in-place stair/elevator shafts


  • Differing soil types dictated that Residence Hall 1 be built on auger cast piles, and Residence Hall 2 on conventional footings

  • The concrete component of this project had a five-month duration as part of an aggressive schedule to complete the buildings

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