Wells Fargo
Knight Theater and Wells Fargo Auditorium

Project Location

Charlotte, NC


Cultural & Community, Cultural Arts

Square Footage

88,000 (Gross)

Schedule Duration

22 months

Wells Fargo Knight Theater and Wells Fargo Auditorium


  • Three-level theater with a six-story fly gallery area at the stage to accommodate theatrical equipment

  • Two lower levels with Wells Fargo Auditorium, a pre-function space, and access to two underground tunnels that lead to below-grade parking structures


  • Cast-in-place concrete walls, columns and shear-walls with a steel roof truss and joist system on exterior façade

  • Exterior brick veneer, glass curtain-wall at the main entrance, and corrugated and composite metal panel systems

  • Glass curtain-wall assembly, also known as the “wiggle wall,” spans multiple levels and incorporates 12 radiuses of the structure, which makes this feature very complex

  • Shares a construction footprint with the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art and Wells Fargo Auditorium, with all three constructed by Rodgers


  • The Knight Theater and the Bechtler Museum share walls and plazas. Among other challenges, the lobbies flow into one another and needed strict coordination to ensure compliance with building codes

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