Voluntary reductions in diesel emissions earns Rodgers the “Air Keeper” award


AirKeeperAwardRodgers project sites put safety and health first. Because health is also a first priority for our client Novant Health, they asked us to participate with the nonprofit organization, Clean Air Carolina, in a program to reduce diesel emissions on the Matthews Women’s Center project in the interest of cleaner air. Throughout construction, the project team monitored the use of diesel-powered equipment, and reduced or eliminated the time for idling of equipment by installing “No Idling” signs and tracking hours of use on the project. As a result, Rodgers and our joint venture partner R. J. Leeper were presented with Clean Air Carolina’s “Air Keeper” award for voluntary reduction of emissions and pollution, and helping protect the health of workers throughout construction as well as Novant’s employees, patients, and the general public.

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North Carolina Health News, May 13, 2016: “Clearing the Air Around Hospitals