From Trademarked to Registered: The Evolution of liveSAFE at Rodgers


At Rodgers, safety has always been more than just a number. It’s a culture, a commitment, and a way of life. The journey of our safety program, liveSAFE, reflects not only our dedication to keeping our team members safe but also our continuous efforts to raise the bar in safety standards across the construction industry.

The Beginning

In 2019, Rodgers took a significant step forward in its safety initiatives with the launch of liveSAFE. This program wasn’t just another set of safety protocols; it represented a profound philosophy that safety is paramount, both on and off the job site. It became a unifying call for everyone at Rodgers, from team members to trade partners and suppliers, emphasizing that safety is not just a box to check but a mindset to embody every single day.

Safety Beyond Numbers

It’s easy to quantify safety in numbers—tracking incidents, celebrating days without accidents—but for us at Rodgers, safety goes far beyond metrics. It’s about ensuring that every person who walks through our doors or steps foot on a project site returns safely to their loved ones. It’s about fostering a culture where safety isn’t just a priority but a deeply ingrained value in everything we do.

At Rodgers we believe mental wellbeing is part of working and living safely. In December 2021, Rodgers pledged to AGC’s Culture of CARE, joining 730 construction companies nationwide as an Impact Champion. This emphasizes Rodgers’ dedication to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, fostering safe, inclusive work environments. Led by the AGC, the Culture of CARE promotes inclusivity and safety in construction workplaces. Rodgers’ pledge underscores its belief in harassment-free environments and values every team member. This commitment, led by Pat Rodgers and the Rodgers Diversity+ Steering Team, prioritizes mental wellbeing, empowering every individual to be their authentic self. Additionally, Rodgers’ dedicated Safety committee is revolutionizing safety initiatives in a progressive and efficient way – ensuring the continual enhancement of safety standards across the company.

From Trademarked to Registered

Recently, our liveSAFE program logo achieved a significant milestone—it transitioned from being trademarked to being officially registered. This distinction may seem subtle, but it carries immense weight in our commitment to safety.

  • Trademark: When liveSAFE was initially trademarked, it meant that the name and logo were legally protected from unauthorized use by others. It signaled our ownership and association with the safety program.
  • Registered Trademark: Registering liveSAFE elevates its status to a federally recognized trademark, providing broader protection and legal benefits. It reinforces our exclusive rights to the program’s name and logo, offering greater security against infringement.

The move from trademarked to registered underscores our dedication to safeguarding the integrity and authenticity of liveSAFE. It signifies that liveSAFE is not just a program but a recognized brand within the safety landscape. This distinction helps prevent confusion among stakeholders, strengthens our legal standing in case of disputes, and reinforces trust in our commitment to safety excellence.

Symbolism in Action: The liveSAFE Logo

The liveSAFE logo isn’t just a visual identity; it’s a symbol of our core safety principles:

  • Colors: The orange and gray colors in the logo reflect the familiar Rodgers branding, visually connecting liveSAFE with our company identity.
  • Bold “Safe”: By emphasizing “Safe” in bold, we constantly remind ourselves that safety should always take precedence, whether at work or home.
  • Shield: The shield symbolizes protection, inspiring each of us to prioritize safety every day.
  • Check Mark: Serving as our coat of arms, the check mark embodies positivity and prompts us to think optimistically about safety. It also encourages us to regularly check in with our peers, teammates, and family members regarding safety practices.
  • Circle: Surrounding the check mark with a circle demonstrates our full commitment to safety, encircling it with care and vigilance.

Embracing Safety as a Way of Life

The evolution of liveSAFE from a concept to a registered trademark symbolizes more than legal formalities. It signifies our unwavering dedication to prioritizing safety, fostering a culture of vigilance, and setting new benchmarks for excellence in the construction industry and beyond. Safety is indeed more than a number—it’s a value we cherish, protect, and live by every single day.