The Intern Experience

An internship at Rodgers is hands on. You’ll put your classroom learning to real, practical use. Whether your career focus is construction operations in project management, project supervision, or other paths that play a critical role in Rodgers’ success like accounting, marketing, preconstruction, or virtual design and construction (VDC), you’ll be building valuable skills during your internship. We invite you to experience first hand what your future career offers.

Our recent interns say it best.

“The hands on experience is better than anything that can be taught in a classroom.”

“This internship makes school so much easier now that I know exactly what I’m learning about.”

“I don’t feel like I’m treated as an intern, I’m treated as an employee. I’m treated as an equal and I am given responsibilities in a project that I feel I’m really contributing to.”

“Rodgers has been a great fit for me. The people are great, the work environment is great. It’s exactly what I was hoping to get out of an internship.”

Along with the day-to-day work experience, Rodgers’ interns participate in a community service activity, tour active construction project sites, attend team-building events, and conclude their intern experience with a presentation that lets each intern share what they’ve learned. It’s also an opportunity for new insights and fresh thinking. “It’s really inspiring to see how much our interns accomplish over a few weeks,” said Rodgers’ President & CEO Pat Rodgers. “Our company is better because of their ideas and energy.”

For more information about the Rodgers Intern Experience, contact [email protected].